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Jancis Robinson über Weine aus Griechenland

Jancis Robinson, eine der bedeutendsten Weinkritikerinnen der Welt, hat gerade einen Blog-Artikel veröffentlicht, in dem sie über traumhafte (Wein-)Reisedestinationen spricht und vorschlägt, in Pandemie-Zeiten durch ausgewählte Flaschen die Erinnerungen wachzuhalten. Dabei spricht sie auch über Griechenland. (Wer noch nicht in Griechenland war, darf sich durch den Wein natürlich auch überhaupt erst Reisewünsche erwachsen lassen…)

Konkret schreibt sie:

Azure water, blindingly white walls, fresh fish, tiny churches, wild herbs, tomatoes chock-full of flavour and tarama.
Wine in Greece is so, so much better than some people still believe. In fact when people ask me, as they frequently seem to do, which wine-producing countries to look out for, I always say Greece and Portugal – for the same reasons. They both have a scintillating array of indigenous grape varieties for wines of all colours and styles.
Assyrtiko, the grape most responsible for the powerfully mineral and citrus whites of the volcanic island of Santorini, has been recognised to such an extent that it is now grown in Australia but a host of others will surely follow. Dafni, Kydonitsa, Malagousia, Robola and Vidiano are all capable of making hugely distinctive whites and Liatiko, Limnio, Limniona and Moschomavro do the same for Greece’s red-wine reputation. The much more widely planted Xinomavro is a thoroughly modern grape that can make hauntingly transparent reds that age beautifully.
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